Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bengali Book by Shree Shree Thakur Anukul Chandra

Here, I have shared some Bengali Books by Shree Shree Thakur Anukul Chandra. Download the Book from below links:

* Bengali Satyanusaran Book

* Swastyani PDF Book

* Society

* Shatonam

* About Marriage

* Life History

Download the rest of the Books from

Download Bhaktiyog Book by Vivekananda

Hi friends, Download the best bengali book - Bhaktiyog, written by Swami Vivekannada. It is best book to know the way of life. Download the book from below link. If your any downloading problem, please comment us. 
 Bhaktiyog by Swami Vivekananda.

Download Free Probad Probachan Bangla Boi

Download Bangla Probad Probachan Boi by Shree Gopal Das Chouidhuri and Shree Priyo Ranjan Sen.Probad Probachan is the bengali proverb book.
Download the Bangla Proverb Book or Bangla Prabad Bachan

Download Bengali Funny Quiz Book by Partha Sarathi Chakraborty

Here I shared a fine bangla mojar quiz by partha chakraborty. Really, the book is very knowledgeable to the teenagers readers. It is very interesting to read and best collection to increase general knowledge. Download the bangla quiz book from below link.
Collect the free pdf ebook download of Mojar Quiz

Download Now -Mojar Quiz -Free PDF Book Download.

Download Bengli Ramayani Dictionary Abhidhan by Sudhanshushekhar Gupta

Download bangla abhidhan Boi by  Sudhanshushekhar Gupta. This is one of best Bengali abhidhan Boi. The book is very useful who studied in Bengali literature and language. They can get bengali to bengali word meaning by the book.The dictionary has given priority to each necessary and common words. 

Download PDF- Ramayani Bangla Abhidhan 

Download Bengali Ayurvedic Medicine Book by Shibkali Bhattyacharya

Download Ayurvedic Medicine Book by Shibali Bhattycharya. 
Here, I have shared a best book in Bengali. Download the bangla boi and Learn Ayurved treatement. The book is free download. Download the book from below link.
Collect the book- Bangla Ayurvedic Book Download

Bangla Book by Abanindra Nath Tagore

Rajkahini Book Download in Bengali by Abanindra nath Tagoe

Download a best Bangla book by Abanindra Nath Tagore in Bengali.
We know about Abindra nath Tagore who is Indian's famous painter and novelist. He was born on Auguast 7, 1871 in Kolkat's Jorasanko Thakur Bari. He is also fond of painting. It is interesting matters for him.
At first his paint style was western and after he added oriental style. He earned reputation in literary as illustrations. His notable works are Khirer Putul, Rajkahini O Bharat Shilpa, Banglar Broto, Priyodarshika, Alor Fulki, Badshahi Galpo etc. Now I want to share a story collection book of his written- 'Raj Kahini' there is nine beautiful stories in the book. These are- Shiladitya, Goho, Bappaditya, Padmini, Hambir, Hambirer Rajyolav, Chando, Rana Kumbha, Sangram Singh. 

Bangla free book pdf Raj Kahini

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

WBBSE Madhyamik Geography Sample Question Papers in Bengali

Now  download Madhyamik Examination 2017-2018 sample question question papers in Bengali. The Bengal Students can download the Sample Questions Paper or Model Question papers in Bengali language. It will help the students to understand how the WBBSE question Pattern for final Examination.

*Madhyamik Geography Sample Question Paper in Bengali Version

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Madhyamik(WBBSE) Sample Question Paper 2018 - English

Download WBBSE Model structure Question Papers- English for New syllabus. West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has provided such Model Questions paper for Madhyamik Students. You can also download from the official website of W.B.B.S.E . In the below I have mentioned the Official website adress of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

Download Model Structure Question paper for Class 10th Students

Address of WB Board:

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, Nivedita Bhaban, DJ-8, Sec : II, Karunamoyee,

Salt Lake, Kolkata : 700091


Some useful Education Website:

West Bengal Education Website:

WBCHSE Website:

CBSE Website:

ICSE/ISC website:

Primary Education:

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Download Physical Science Questions & Answers for Class 10th

Download- Class-x-physical Science-question-and-answer
Here you will get Physical Science Questions & answers for West Bengal Students in Bengali Language. 

We here published our own making notes in Bengali  for the bengali students. They can use these notes for primary preparation for Madhyamik Test Pariksha or Madhyamik Final Exam. We will provide also more notes in bengali. So, students can visit our blog and download the notes. Keep in mind - these notes are only for primary preparation. You have to read your complete syllabus with hard labour. There is nothing without hard labour. Keep reading your book and try  hard for better result. With better result you may be a great person, honourable person in social life. 

Collect now- Madhyamik Physical Science

Class 10th Life Science Question & Answer in Bengali

If you are a searching Madhyamik Life Science Questions and answers & if You are westbengal students in bengali version then this is right place for you because you will find here class 10th Syllabuses questions and answers in Bengali Language that will be the best exam preparation for you. 
Life Science MCQ Question and Answers and Answers in Bengali Language | Class 10th Science Notes PDF | Life Science Notes in Bengali Language |

Download Now- Class 10th Life Science

Download Bengali Herebal Ayurvedic Book

Welcome dear visitor you will find here a free book- BANOUSHADHI DARPAN by Shree Biraja Charan Gupta. This is the best Herbal Book in my knowledge that you can download in free as PDF version. 

Download Bangla Ayurvedic Book:

In this post a beautiful ayurvedic book in bengali that you can download from below link. Learn treatment from home with hepling the book.

Bangla Herbal Ebook Download-  Banoushadhidarpan

Swami Vivekananda Bani(Qoutes) in Bengali

Swami Vivekananda was a Indian hindus monk. He was born on 12th January 1863. His original name was Norendranath Dutta. He was the chief disciple  of  Hindu Cleric Paramahamsa in 19th century. India's Vedanta and Yoga philosophy known to the Western world, he took a leading role. In the nineteenth century, among people of different religions to raise awareness about each other's religion and Hinduism, one of the major religions of the world to achieve the status of his special contribution. Vivekananda was a pioneer, one of India's Hindu renaissance and is one of the pioneers of the concept of nationalism in British India. He founded the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission.

Download Bengali Bani of Swami Vivkananda:

Here, you will found the some inspirational qoutes of Vivekananda in Bengali. Download the Bengali qoutes in PDF from below links.

Download Now-  Bengali Bani of Vivekananda

Friday, March 24, 2017

Download Bhagavad Gita Book in Bengali

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Here is amazing book on Hindu Religion- The Sreemad Bhagavad Gita. It is also known as The Gita. 

Hindu's Avatar Lord Sri Krishan preaching the Gita Bani to the great warrior hereo Arjun in Kurukheshtra war. The book is orginally written in Sanskrit. But here I shared the the book in Bengali translate language. The book sacred for all hindu's reader. 

Download the Gita Book in PDF Version, Bangla Gita Book Download. Bangla Shreemad Bhagbad Gita. 

Here you can download the book in PDF version. Sreemad Bhagvad Gita is holy book to the hindus. Don't forget to download the book in Bengali or Bangla Languages the Gita Book form below link.

Gita PrefaceGita Chapter – 01Gita Chapter – 02Gita Chapter – 03Gita Chapter – 04Gita Chapter – 05Gita Chapter – 06Gita Chapter – 07Gita Chapter – 08Gita Chapter – 09Gita Chapter – 10Gita Chapter – 11Gita Chapter – 12Gita Chapter – 13Gita Chapter – 14Gita Chapter – 15Gita Chapter – 16Gita Chapter – 17Gita Chapter - 18Gita summary

You can also download Gita Sloka in Bengali from the below link

Gita Sloka in Bengali- Now collect.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Download Mystery of Space(Mahashunyer Rahasya) Bengali Book

Download a fine book that I have shared at this page. The book name is Space Mystery that meaning in Bengali Mahashunyer Rahasya- that best book to know about the mystery of Space. This is a  Bangla translated book that written by   Willi Lay and tranlsated into Bengali by Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya. Download the book and know about more about the space. 

Collect from here- Mahashunyer Rahasya

Learn Parts of Speech in Bengali

It is very important to learn Parts of Speeches to the students. Part of Speeches is properly the knowledge of  forming sentence. Every students should to learn Part of Speeches to make a meaningful sentences. In this book you find what is Part of Speeches in Bengali? Download the book in PDF version. You can download the book from below link;

Download- English grammar parts of speech 

Download Bangla Computer Tutorial Book

Now I shared a best book on computer tutorial in bengali. This is one of the best book to learn computer in bengali. If the beginner wants to learn computer in bengali  then it is the best book for book for him. Because, in this the learning of computer has described in easy bengali language. So, download the book and start to learn computer with the helping of the book. Keep in mind the book is in pdf format. So, you have install a pdf version format in your device. 

If you are searching computer book  or boi in bengali or bangla then you can download the book from here from the below download link. As the link is external so, tthere may occur downloading problem at first. If you will fail download the book, then please contact us. We will come to help you. 

When you go to download the book you will be reached into other website redirectly. There you can see download button. You need to click the download button. After the downloading the book, you will be able to view the book in your device. 

When you will search the book from internet from, you can see many website list. Our website name is You will get all time freepdf book here. We all time updates new books for the visitors. So, Regulary visit our website to get such books from our website. Reading book is good habit for all. There is no end of education. So, keep reading  and cultivate the habit of reading books. As you read you will learn more. 

Now collect the Book- Computer Basic

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Download Syllabus Class XI & XI - Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur

Council of Higher Secondary Education Board of Manipur has Published PDF Syllabus for Class XI, XI. The willing students of Manipur can download the syllabuses for the official website of Manipur 

The students of Manipur who are searching the syllabus for class 11th & 12th Manipur, they can download the syllabus from our page.  We have given the download link in below.
Download Links:

The Official Website of Manipur Board:

The courses of studies of the Council includes 49 different subjects under the Academic Stream-viz


1) English2) Manipuri(MIL)3) Hindi(MIL)
4) Assamese(MIL)5) Bengali(MIL)6) Mizo(MIL)
7) Nepali(MIL)8) Tangkhul(MIL)9) Hmar(MIL)
10) Paite(MIL)11) ThadouKuki (MIL)12) Zou(MIL)
13) Kom(MIL)14) Vaiphei(MIL)15) Ruangmei(MIL)
16) Mao La(MIL)17) Alt.English18) Sanskrit (Elective)
19) Elective English20) Elective Manipuri21) Elective Hindi
22) Elective Assamese23) Elective Bengali24) Economics
25) Political Science26) History27) Geography
28) Philosophy29) Sociology30) Psychology
31) Education32) Fine Arts33) Music
34) Manipuri Dance35) Home Science36) Mathematics
37) Statistics38) Computer Science39) Geology
40) Physics41) Chemistry42) Biology
43) Anthropology44) Physical Health Education & Sports45) Biotechnology
46) Engineering Drawing47) Business Studies48) Accountancy
49) Thang-Ta

And 15(fifteen) different Trades under Vocational stream-viz
1) Crop and seed Production Technology2) Office Management/Office Secretaryship3) Commercial Garment Designing and Making
4) Marketing and Salesmanship5) Textile Designing6) Sericulture
7) Food Preservation and Processing8) Building Maintenance9) Maintenance and Repair of Electrical Domestic Appliances
10) Agro-Industries11) Plantation Crops and Spices12) Medical Laboratory Technician
13) Journalism14) Inland Fisheries15) Poultry Production

The subjects under the Academic Stream are under 3(three) Groups of studies-(a) Arts, (b) Science and (c) Commerce; and each Trade under the Vocational Stream has three papers of the Trade to be taught in each class, i.e. paper I, II & III in Class XI and paper – IV, V & VI in Class XII. A student of Vocational Stream shall offer- (I) English, (2) MIL, (3) One Vocational Trade and (4) One more subject having no practical paper from the academic stream as an additional subject.

Assam Higher Secondary Educational Council(AHSEC) Syllabus

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Assam HS Syllabus PDF

Assam Higher Secondary Education board has published syllabus for the HS students for all streams like science, arts, commerce in official website of Assam Board. The students of Assam can check or download the Syllabus form the website. The Assam higher Secondary Education Board conducts the syllabus of science, arts, commerce for all the English Medium, English Medium Students in all over the state. 

How to Download HS Syllabus of Assam Higher Secondary Education Board:

*The candidates of Assam first visit the official website
* Find link Syllabus
* Clicks to open it* See the list which do you want & then click.* Download and save it.* Print out from your computer for future use.

Download the Syllabus of Assam Higher Secondary Education Council:

You can also download from our site: In the below we have given the external link from where you can dowload the syllabus:

Now download: 

2018 Madhyamik Exam Routine for West Bengal Students(WBBSE)

Get here madhyamik Exam Routine 2018 WBBSE
West Bengal Board of Secondary Examination Board are going to announce Madhyamik Exam Rountine- 2018 for class 10th . All the Students of WBBSE can check or download the routine from the official website West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. Also the the will be published by the  WB Board in West Bengal Newspaper. So, the students can collect the routine from WBBSE website or Newspaper in a particular time.

Madhyamik Exam Routine- 2018 PDF | WBBSE Exam Routine -2018 | PDF Routine for Class 10th | Madhyamik Exam Time Table 2018 |

The madhyamik Exam Routine 2018 or Madhyamik Exam Time Table 2018 will be published by West Bengal Education Board in the official site of WBBSE- The routine will be published very soon. So, students must visit the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education Website address.

Madhyamik 2018 Exam Schedule PDF | Final Exam Routine 2018 for Class Ten or 10th
As 2018 Madhyamik Exam Routine will be announced very soon, the students should take their routine. The routine is very important to the students to appear appropriate time to the exam hall and even also the students can prepare their study in mean time. 

Download WB Exam Routine PDF 2018 | 

The students of West Bengal students can download their Exam routine as PDF version from WB Education official website. After downloading the routine they can print out from the computer for future use. 

Class TEN Routine PDF 2018 

 The Madhyamik Students of West Bengal can also download the class ten Final Exam Routine 2018 from our site  So, visit our website regularly to get the Madhyamik Routine 2018 in proper time. In the below where we have marked, the routine link will be attached.

Download now 2018 Madhyamik(WBBSE) Routine PDF

Project of Science Book in Bengali Download

Hi, Now download amazing book- Science Project or Bigganer Project in Bengali Language. The book is very fantastic to learn science Project at home. This fine book is written by Soumen Saha. Really, The book is easy to learn and make many things at home by himself. See details index of this book, then download the from the below link.

Collect Now-Project of Science PDF