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Bengali Yoga Book PDF, Download Quantum Bayam Book in Bengali

Here you will find a find a Bengali Yoga Book. The book is PDF version and written by Nahar Al Bokhari. It is one of the best book to learn Yoga in Quantum Method. In this book you learn the history of yoga, varities items of Yoga, Dhouti, Mudra, Pranayam, Easy Yoga(Sahaj Bayam), েExercise of Cure(Rog Niramoyer Bayam), Advice and solutions in a variety of diseases, Exercise of Pregnant Women, Exercise of Body Builder, History of Beauty(Soundarza O Rupcharchar Itihas), Hair Care, Eye Care, Skin Care, etc. So, don't late &  Download the Book from here.

N.B : There may occur an error to dowload, as the link is external. In this situation, write us in below comment box.

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