Saturday, April 29, 2017

Facebook Affiliate Marketing PDF

Hi, friend, I shared now a facebook affiliate pdf guide which helps you to make the idea of affiliate marketing on facebook. If you interested in making money from affiliate program then the book is better for you. The book mentions how to create a facebook page for business, how to add an affiliate link on the facebook page, how to promote it etc. The pdf link is given below. Read offline from your device.

Download Facebook Affiliate Marketing

Android App Development PDF

Hey, dear guys, I'm going to share one of the best Advanced Android App Development PDF book. It is the book to learn Android App Development. The book is collected from the internet which uploaded by The book is written by Laurence Dawson and Raimon Rafols montane in 2016. There are 320 pages in the book and it made in pdf version, file size 12.MB. If you interesting Android app developing, then download the below link. You will learn in this book:
1. Get to know how to use popular open source libraries to reduce time to market and avoid re-inventing the wheel
2.Automate your application’s testing phase to avoid last minute crashes
3.Use dependency management to properly keep dependencies and updates under control
4.Efficiently show huge amounts of items in a list
5.Forget about memory and speed concerns
6.Publish and monetize your Android applications on Google Play
7.Persist your application data so it can continue working in offline mode
8.Don’t let the UX break because of network issues

Friday, April 28, 2017

Madhyamik Examination 2018 | WBBSE Syllabus PDF | Class IX and X

Class IX & New Syllabus| Class 1oth New Syllabus PDF | Madhyamik New Syllabus PDF | WBBSE Syllabus 2018|

Here, I have shared a PDF book syllabus for West Bengal Students. The syllabus is prepared by WBBSE and published on the official website of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The students of class IX & X can download the syllabus from The syllabus is for the session 2017-18. It is very useful for students of class nine & ten to understand the marks distribution and also very helpful for Unit Test Exam. Download in Bengali and English as PDF version from the below link.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Superb Math Book Questions and Answers for Competitive Exam

Hi friends,  now download your most wanted free pdf book- Superb Math Solution Question and Answers. This is for competitive Exam PDF is a preparatory book on Mathematics for various competitive examination like SSC, UPSC, CPO, LIC, GIC and UTI. The book provides all types of math solution in which students can solve math problem easily. Download the book from the below link and be ready for the exam. 

Math Book Question and Answer

Basic English Grammar Book PDF

Hi dear, I shared a free PDF book- Basic English Grammar. This is the best book to learn English Grammar easy way. School students, college students, and the teachers can download the book the book to learn English. The book is pdf version so need to install a pdf viewer software in your device. Download the book from the below link. The link is external, so there an error occur to download the book. If you face any downloading problem, then comment in below comment box.

Basic English Grammar Book PDF

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wordprees Web Design for Dummies

Hey guys, I'm sharing a amazing free PDF book- wordpress all-in-all for Dummies. The book is pdf and size 50.3MB in which you can learn a to z guide on how to create a Website on Wordpress Platform. This beautiful book is written by Andrea Rennick, Cory Miller, Kevin Palmer, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Michael Torbert. Download Wordpress all-in-all for Dummies

Photoshop Book PDF

Now  I am going to share a photoshop book in pdf version. The size of the book is 10.2 MB and the language of the book is in English. It helps you to learn photoshop a to z. If you download the book, you can learn step by step of all photoshop tools and how to these work. Download the book from the below book. the book is written by Laurie McCann and uploaded by various users.Photoshop PDF Book Book Download

SSC Advanced Math Question Bank and Answer in Hindi by Vivek Sir

Hi, guys I have brought a good news for you. In this post, I have shared a free PDF Book- ''SSC Advanced Maths by Vivek Sir''. It is the best complete guide book for you to prepare SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO etc Exams. Undoubtedly the book is very useful to you. download the book from the below link.Download Now.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

10000 General Knowledge(GK) Question Bank

Hi friends, you will be very glad to hear that I have shared Free 100000 GK Question Bank with answers in English. Download the book from the below link and take preparation. Undoubtedly the book is very helpful to you if you are a job seeker students and searching for a Government job
**10000 Gk Question Bank in English

Visit our site regularly to get more update GK question and answer. In this blog, you can get all types of GK related books and others various types of book such Storybook, web design book, IT book, Comics Book, Comedy Book, Novel Book etc.

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**9000 GK Question and Answers

**5000 General Knowledge Question and Answer

**All GK Question & Answer

Download 9000 Plus GK Questions and Answers for Competitive Exam

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Hey, dear friends, the best news for you-I am going to share 9000 plus gk questions with answers free pdf in Hindi & English book which is very important for you to be preparation for the competitive exams RRB NTPC stage 2 and SSC  SCHSL (10+2) Exams. The book is collected from the various source that you may download from below link.
**GK Question and Answers 9000 Plus for Competetive Examination(English Version)

The book is the best for anyone because there are around 9000 MCQ type Questions with Answer and it is completely free. Don't forget to share it with your friends after downloading. If you want to share the book with Your friends you may use the below share button.Thank you for visiting. Take care of you.

GK Question & Answers 9000 Plus in Hindi

Monday, April 24, 2017

5000 General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Here, I shared the Top General Knowledge Questions and Answers for the Competitive Exam like UPSC Exam, State PSC Exam, Entrance Exam, Bank Exams, SSC Exams and also Job placement interviews. I think this general knowledge Questions and Answers are very helpful to you for the better preparation to goal 

The book is the best for anyone because there are around 5000 MCQ type Questions with Answer and it is completely free. Don't forget to share it with your friends after downloading. If you want to share the book with Your friends you may use the below share button.Thank you.Keep Visiting.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Facebook Marketing for Dummies

Hi, guys now download facebook marketing for dummies free pdf book. Learn How to increase traffic for business. If you are a businessman, entrepreneur, the blogger you have to need more audiences for success your goal.So, you have to know about social media marketing. Facebook is one of them most popularity social media platform, more than 65 billion visitor visit per month. So, facebook is the best place to capture the audiences.

Download now the book Facebook Marketing for Dummies as pdf.

Facebook Marketing- Download Facebook Marketing Book

I shared a facebook marketing book written by Alison Zarella, Dan Zarella. The book is published in 2010
and there are 288 pages. The book is in PDF format and 15.2MB in size. The book will help you to learn facebook marketing completely. You will learn the features and tools that will help you to get huge audiences. You can also learn about facebook profile, facebook group, facebook page and how to promote your product, brand and your services through facebook.

Download the book Facebook Marketing book and learn facebook marketing to grow your business.

or buy Pro Marketing book(click here)

Facebook Fan Page Marketing (For Beginner Local & Small Business Owners): How to Get Your First 1,000 Facebook Fans, Create Raving Customers & Grow Your Business For Long Term Gains Kindle Edition 

Social Media Marketing Training- Download PDF Book

Hey dear guys here I shared a fine book to learn Social media marketing. Download the book and make your business the next big thing by understanding social media marketing. You will learn How can social media platform promote your brand, product, and services? Learn how to control your social media marketing? It is also very important to do affiliate marketing and also helpful to the bloggers to bring traffic to a website. 
Now download the book as pdf Social Media Marketing Training

Here, I also shared Social Media Marketing Guide 2017 becoming Succesful Marketer, you might download the book from the below link.

This is a Kindle book written by Kelvin Wang DX. Download the book and learn Social Media Marketing that will help you to boost your brand and product awareness effectively. With the book, you will learn complete social media marketing strategies on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Snapchat, Twitter, and Linkedin etc top social media platforms. The book will also help you understant the true importance of social media marketing, why most marketer failed, and how to fix it.

Tags: social media marketing 2017, facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Web Design Tutorials Bangla PDF Book

 Here I have shared some bengali Tutorilas PDF book to the friends who are very interesting to learn webdesign through bangla language. The books was published at by Tanbir Ahmed on 29 August 2013. Download the books from the below links.

  1. Bangla Blogger Tutorial .Pdf  ->Size: 10.98 MB(External Link)
  2.  Blogger-Bangla-Tutorial-Ebook .Pdf  ->Size: 533.45 KB(External Link)
  3. Blogging-Bangla-Guide-Ebook .Pdf  ->Size: 203.53 KB(External Link)
  4. Css Bangla E-Book By Faruk .Pdf  ->Size: 1.99 MB(External Link)
  5. Css Tutorial In Bangla .Pdf  ->Size: 507.68 KB(External Link)
  6. Html 4.0.1 Bangla E-Book By Faruk .Pdf  ->Size: 1.06 MB(External Link)
  7.  Html Bangla .Pdf  ->Size: 650.95 KB(External Link)
  8.  Html Bangla Book .Pdf  ->Size: 1.98 MB(External Link)
  9.  Html-Part1 .Pdf  ->Size: 129.56 KB(External Link)
  10. Html-Part2 .Pdf  ->Size: 148.46 KB(External Link)
  11. Html-Part3 .Pdf  ->Size: 87.24 KB(External Link)
  12.  Javascript Bangla E-Book By Faruk .Pdf  ->Size: 2.31 MB(External Link)
  13.  Joomla Tips & Trick .Pdf  ->Size: 6.04 MB(External Link)
  14. Php1 .Pdf  ->Size: 159.39 KB(External Link)
  15.  Php2 .Pdf  ->Size: 491.42 KB(External Link)
  16. Php3 .Pdf  ->Size: 114.37 KB(External Link)
  17. Plug-Developing-Of-In-Bangla-By-Cx .Pdf  ->Size: 1.60 MB(External Link)
  18.  Thesis Theme Ebook 1.1 .Pdf  ->Size: 7.75 MB(External Link)
  19.  WordPress .Pdf  ->Size: 2.54 MB(External Link)
  20. WordPress Basic .Pdf  ->Size: 6.75 MB(External Link)
  21. Xml Banga Tutorials .Pdf  ->Size: 112.57 KB(External Link)


html bangla pdf book free downloadcss bangla pdfweb design bangla tutorialweb design bangla tutorial PDF Bookhtml bangla tag listphp bangla tutorial pdfhtml tag list with bangla descriptionjava programming tutorial in bangla pdf

Computer Descriptive Question and Answer in Bengali

This very important pdf file in bengali those who are searching Computer Question and answer in Bengali. So, here I have shared a PDF computer notes in bengali language. I think this pdf computer notes will help the students to get thier useful question and answer. So, don't late, download the notes from the below link.

Computer descriptive question and answer Computer Question and Answer 

Computer MCQ Question and Answer in Bengali | Bangla Computer Question and Answer | 1000 Computer Related Question and Answer by Tanbir |

Hi dear friends, today I am sharing a Bengali Computer Question and answer PDF book which has more than 1000 related question and answers. This is the best book for the computer student and also very useful in the Competitive Examination. 

You can also search on the Google:

Computer MCQ Question and Answer in the Bengali language.
100 Bangla Computer related question and answer by Tanbir
Bangla Computer MCQ Question and answer.

Now you can download the book from the following link. The book is a PDF. So, you have to install a PDF viewer software to view the book. The download link of the book is external. So, it may error to download. In this situation comment us in below comment box. Our team will come to help you shortly.
Computer MCQ Question and Answer, Download Now- Click here

Share this book with your friends.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Huge Collection of General Knowledge(GK) Download Now

Here, in this post you will find some Free GK(General Knowledge) Books. I think the Books are very useful for the Competitive Eaxamination. Download the books and prepare for exam of Group- D, Group- C Clerk, PSC,  Staff Selection Commission(SSC), TET, Banking Exam, SBI, IBPS, CGL, CHSL, etc.

** 2500 MCQ General Knowledge PDF

** Important Collection GK

** Largest, Longest, Biggest and Highest in India

** List of 50 in India

** WB Complete GK

** WB Current Affair PDF

** 1000 Important GK Quiz and Answer

** List of Important 50 Information of Indian Railway

** 5000 Indian GK PDF English

** 455 General Studies MCQ

150 GK for Competetive Examination

** About West Bengal

** Award GK 2016

** Books & Authors 2016

** Financial Awareness

** List of Organization

** An Important Collection of GK

** General Sciecne MCQ

** Newspaper Founder GK PDF

*** The rest of GK will be updated shortly........

Friday, April 7, 2017

Techniques of Speaking English in Bengali PDF Book Download

Hi friend I have shared a fine bengali book- Techniques of Speaking English Book. This is the book that is very useful to speak English in fluently. In this book, you will find the english conversation in bengali that will help you to understand easily. Download the book and learn English Spoken at home. The Job seekers can improve their English Spoken in Bengali very easily.
Free PDF Book download Speaking English in Bengali 

Tintin Bangla Comics Book, Download Bengali Comics Book, Bangla Comics Book

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Hi, Download Now best Popular Comics book that I shared in the below - Tintin. You will find the below 14th comics books such -
bombete jahaj, biplobider dongole, Chande tintin, Chondroloke obijhan, Dursahosi tintin, Kankra Rahoshyo,kanbhanga murti, Lohit sagorer hangar, Momyr ovishap, Nil komol, Panna Kothay, Pharaor churut, Surjadeber bondi, Tibbot e tintin 

Download Links: 

* Bombete Jahaj

* Chade Tintin

* Chandraloke Abhijan

* Biplobider Dongol

* Kankara Rohosya

* Kanbhanga Murti

* Lohit Sagorer Hangor

* Momir Abhishap

* Nil Kamal

* Panna Kothay

* Pharaor Churut

* Suryadeber Bandi

* Tibbote Tintin

* Congoy Tintin

Tintin Bangla Comic Book PDF free Download

Download Bangla Comic Book- Soviet Deshe Tintin. This is best Banla Comic Book by the Bengali reader. download the book from the below link. Download Soviet Deshe Tintin Comics as a PDF File- 

Bengali PDF Comics by Narayan Debnath

Download Bangla Free PDF Comics book- Comics Samagra by Narayan Debnath. You can find the book in three parts. Download the parts from below links.

Get Volume- 1Get Volume- 2,   Get Volume- 3 

Bengali Cartoon Free PDF Book-Noleda by Ahibhusan Malik

In this post I have shared a comics book for kid. The book is cartoon charater book written by Ahibhusan Malik. You can download the book as free as PDF.  Collect free ebook pdf of Noleda

Bangla Comic free PDF Book by Satyajit Roy, Robertsoner Rubi(Feluda)

Bengal Comic FREE PDF BOOK RobertSoner Rubi by Satyajit Roy

Download Feluda  Series Comic by Robertsoner Rubi which is mysterious and detective story by Bengali Penman and Film director Satyajit Roy, son of very familiar writter Sukumar Roy.

Download Bangla book pdf Robertsoner Rubi 

Download Class XI (HS) Sample Question Papers 2017-2018 WBCHSE

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West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education has Published All Subjects Syllabus Sample Question Papers for 2018 Examination. The students of WBCHSE can download the Sample Question Paper as PDF. The Sample question papers are available in varities language such Bengali, English or Hindi. The students can also download the question papers which they have taken the subject  group  such Science, Commerce, Arts. 

N.B: The below source links are taken from The West Bengal Council of Higher Seconadry Education's official website. So, the students can download their willing Sample Question papers directly from