Blogger Tutorial Bengali PDF Book(Eso Blogger Shikhi)

Hey friends !! Do you  want to learn blogging like me? Yes, if it is, then you are in right place. Here I shared a best amazing  ESO BLOGGER SHIKHI pdf book in Bengali. Download the book and learn Blogging.

Learn The basic about Blogging:

Blogging: To write about something online regularly on a website. The topic of writing can be anything like politics,economics, social, literature etc.

Blog: Blog is the website on which an writter(Blogger) can write and publish his writing or content.

Blogger: The author who writes on a blog regularly is called as a blogger.

Blogger Blogspot: Google Inc. offers a free blogging platform which is called also blogger. If you want to learn blogging or blog, you may use it without any cost.

If you want to blog whatever your purpose is, You need to learn it first. You have to learn about content writing, blogging platform, blog promotion, blog design etc. 

By the way, to learn blogging based on blogger platform, here is a free Bangla blogging learning ebook named Eso Blogger Shikhi. The blogging book first published on 2012 and it is written by Mahir Faysal Sahi. By this book, you can get idea on a blogger platform.

Note that this book has been written some years ago. And blogger team is continuously trying to improve and add value to their platform. So, some explanations may not be existed. But others existing features will be available on blogger.

So, it is ideal to practice the book attentively and when you are not getting something, try to find out that concept on internet. Blogger has own explanation tutorial too.   

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