Friday, May 19, 2017

Spoken English Rules in Bengali PDF

Dear friends today I am going to share a one of the best spoken English pdf book in Bengali by Mainul Hira. The book is very easy to learn spoken English in Bengali for the Bengali person.In this book, you will discover 200 rules that will help you to learn spoken English in very short time.

Everyone we know that the English language is very important for us to communicate with another person of the world. Moreover spoken English is very important for job seekers. If you have the better knowledge in sopken english, any kinds of job you can manage anywhere. So friends I say you don't miss to download this free pdf book from the below link. If you face with an error to download this book then please comment in the below comment box I or our team will come help you very shortly. Further You want more book like this then comment us and don't forget such helpful book with your friends. Thank You!! Spoken English PDF Download for Mobile Spoken English in Bengali PDF.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Download Bengali Recipe PDF book

Somebody does not like to take same meal daily they wish to take varieties item of food as I am. So, today I shared a nice book for my foodie friends that will help to cook modern delicious food.

 Recipe of British royal family-
Chicken Tikka, Shami Kabab, Vegetable Biriyani, Asian Rotatoli Lamb, Fish duo-Peyajo, Tonduri Bowl Fish, The Bengal Tiger, Pron Carry in rich Sos, Chicken Tikka Mashala, Vegetable Vaji, Beef/Lamb Pachhand, Daal, Vegetable Curry, Bhuna Chicken with Pineapple, Beef Apricot dish, Chicken Jhal Fiji, Shuk Ponir,
Chicken Recipe -
Aanokha Chicken, Thai Chicken Carry, Chicken chakuti, Oriental Chicken, Balti chicken, Stafed Masroom, Murg Duo-Peyajo, Murg Musallam, Murg jhal Fiji, Green Bengal Chicken, Country Captain, Nutty Chicken Curry, Kerala Chicken, Chicken Makhani, Masladar Cuban Chicken, Fulcopy Chicken,
Meat Recipe -
Madurij Muton curry, Spereribos with Masla, Manso Kali, Beef and Potato Curry, Japanis Rost Beef, Khasir bhuna goshod, Kima with garden piece, Achar gosto, Rogan Josh, sileti Gosth, Lamb Curry, Methi Goshto, Kismis Lamb, Palong Murg, Meat Madrus, Goshto Mashala, Beef Chili, Muton in egg sos, Muton in yougard sos, Doi Korma,
Kabab Recipe -
Shik Kabab, Ruimacher kabab, Sabji kabab, Chicken tikka rejala, Peshoari kabab, Lamb chips with ginger, Kashmiri malai kofta, Beef Chop, spice mutton chop, Kabab o creem sos, Boyaler jhal kabab, Murgi o alu kabab, Khasir pajorer kabab, Chapli kabab, Parsian chicken kabab, Ponir tikka, Dim kofta, Deshi Machher kabab
Machher Recipe -
Deshi machher jol, Jasa tarkari, Deshi fish kofta, Narkel chinri, Cream pron curry, Sorisha rupchanda, Rui taynra, Style Hilsa, Patibola Machh, Galda chinri jhal, Chinri coconut with spice, Patiya Chinri, Dhone Machh, Machher Korma,
Rice Recipe -
Thai style rice, Fried rice, Narikel mashla rice, Basmoti rice, Plane long grein rice, Lebu bhat, Palong ponir polao
And also vegetable recipe, Salad recipe, Soup recipe etc. Download Bengali Recipe PDF.

Bangla Basic Electrical Book PDF

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I shared a fine book - ''Haate Kolome Electronics Shiki'' written by Engineer Mir AB M Jakir Hossain. Yes, this is basic electronics book in Bengali will help the students to learn Practical Electronics Education, uses of variety electronics parts, build circuit design using electronics parts and build any types of the circuit board. You can download the book from below link. It is completely free to download.Download Basic Electronics PDF Book. Don't forget to share it with your friends. 

Download Saifur's Natural Spoken English PDF in Bengali

English is the International language. Many jobs are required that spoken English is compulsory. But we can not get the for not being much knowledge in English. Thinking that I shared a complete but easy to learn natural spoken English book by Saifurs to my dear friends. I hope the book very helpful for those who are eager to learn spoken English in Bengali. So, friends don't late, download the book from the below link. As the link is external so there may error to download. If any problem you faces, then comment me in below. If you think the book is useful then shared it to your others friends.Saifur's Spoken English PDF

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Facebook Tutorial PDF in Bengali by Tanvir

Dear friends, I shared facebook tutorial book by Tanvir Ahmed, good content writer of Bangladesh, in the Bengali language. The book helps to beginner A to Z guide with tips and tricks. You can download the book from the below link. 

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a popular social site where many peoples connect and share their photos, videos, personal life, business life etc. This great site was discovered by marZuckerberg and was launched on February 4, 2004.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) PDF Book

Here is the best SEO book which I shared in this post. The book is free to download, written by Sean Odom in 2015. This book will help you to learn SEO by yourself.

SEO- the Full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Seo is to tactics to increase website traffic. By the SEO, website or blog display on first of any search  Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Whether you use like Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla, Seo is very important to know.