Graphic design is the art or combinating text and pictures and advertisement, magazines or books. It is also know as communication design. By learning graphic design one can make their living. Today the art of graphic design is growing professionaly. Many designers are working in online or offline and making a lot of money.

In this post, I have shared Bangla Graphic design book named Illustrator CS4 which is you know a popolar software. You can editing, designing your pictures, photos, text, logo easily. You can freely express your idea with Adove Illustrator CS4.

Adove Illustrator CS4 such a sofwtare where you find many tools like mesh tool, gradient tool, pen tool etc. By using this tools you can easily make your official logos. But it is not enough, many designing can be done by the Illustrato cs4 like you manage your google maps with the illustrator.

If you are very interested to learn graphic design but you are begginer then I think this book is very useful. In this book you find step by step guide in bengali that make you learning graphic design very fast. So don't late to download the book. download the book from below link. Don't forget to share such free pdf book to your friends.

If really you want to download this book then click here- Bengali Illustrator CS4 PDF

We will upload more book in our next post so keep visiting regulary our site to get such books. Thank you, be happy.