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Welcome, dear visitor you will find here the best Bengali Spiritual book. Spiritual means in Bengali 'Adhyatmika'. If you want to know about Spiritual you have to download the following ebooks.

 Alok Thirtha by Shree Shailendra Ghoshal Shastri

Shree Sailendra Ghoshal Shastri was a pundit and director of The Vedic Research Institute. He was born on 5th March in 1928 at Kaliara Village in Midnapur District. According to his father Shashibhushan Ghosal, he was a journey all over the India in four times. He was visited many holy places of India like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Sathapanth, Kashmir, Varanasi etc. Also, he was meet with many saints. He wrote much travel and spiritual books as Alok Vandana, Tapobhum Narmada, Pitarou, Alok Thirtha etc. Here at this post, I shared 'Alok Thirtha' part 1 which is one of his best book in Bengali. Now collect the book from the below link. As the link is external may be a download problem. When you will click on the link it will open a new window where you will find the green color download button. Click on the download button and enjoy it after download. Yet, you unable to download this book must comment us in below comment box.

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You can also download the other Bengali  Spiritual Book.

Atma Tattwa Darshan

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