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Kashiram Das was a medieval Bengali poet.He was the poet approximate sixteenth-seventeenth century. He translated Sanskrit Scripture ''Mahabharat'' into Bengali. It is also known as 'Kashidashi Mahabharat' or 'Bharat Panchali'. 

The main theme of the Mahabharat is the war with Kauravas and Pandavas in Kurukshetra.But beyond this narrative, most of the elements of philosophy and devotion have been added to this epic. For example, in this book added also four men's related discussion like- Religion, Money, Kama, and Moksha.

There are one thousand verses and long gesture available in the Mahabharat. The word of this epic approximately eight million. The epic of the Mahabharata is the ten times combined volume of Iliad and ODC poetry and four times with the Ramayan.

Book Name: Kashidashi Mahabharata

Book Writer: Kashiram Das

Book Language:  Bengali

Book Format: PDF

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