Download Cheleder Ramayan PDF Book by Upendrakishore Roy Chowdhury

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Ok, you are in the post which contains a best Bengali pdf book which is named is Cheleder Ramayan(ছেলেদের রামায়ণ) and which was written by famous Bengali writer Upendra Kishore ray Chowdhury.
      Upderakishore Ray was the father of famous writer Sukumar Ray and the grandfather of famous film writer Satyajit Ray. Upendra Kishore Ray was born 12th may 1863 in Kishoreganj, Bangladesh and died on 20th December 1915 in Jharkhand. Upendra Kishore's greatest contribution was in the field of children's literature. His popular book for children- ''Gopi gyne Bagha Byne'', ''Tuntunir Boi'', ''Chelder Ramayan'',''Chelder Mahabharat'', ''Puraner Golpo'', ''Mahabharat Kotha'' etc. Besides this, he was also a painter, violin player, technologist and entrepreneur.

Book Name: Cheleder Ramayan(ছেলেদের রামায়ণ)

Book Writer: Upendra Kishore Ray Chowdhury

Book Language: Bengali

Book Category: Bengali Novel

Book Format: PDF

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