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Author: Jim Sterne

Year: 2017

Pages: 368

Language: English

File size: 5.6 MB

File format: PDF(Portable Document File)

 Category: Marketing & SEO

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Artificial Intelligence for Marketing provides marketers with a comprehensive introduction to the field of data science without requiring a background in advanced programming and mathematics.

Today's marketing decision-making happens in real time, every day, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) give marketers a hands-free way to quickly and effectively respond to data from a customer or potential buyer and tailor fit a product and buying experience. Buyers on the fence can automatically receive special incentives to buy, and other customers can be directed to related products and services based on data-driven insight. This single resource brings you up to speed and fully prepares you to talk about and develop strategies for using AI and ML to increase revenue, lower costs, boost customer satisfaction, and expand the possibilities of how your organization engages its customers.

Author Jim Sterne is a world-recognized expert dedicated to showing marketers how to put data to work, and in this immediately useful guidebook, he brings sophisticated concepts in computer science within grasp. Through highly illustrative explanations specifically written for marketing applications, he takes you inside state-of-the-art solutions for econometrics, web analytics, social media, and search engine optimization—complete with rare case studies from the handful of companies operating today with tomorrow's competitive edge. This single resource changes the game by enabling you to:

*Gain a practical understanding of how AI and ML can skyrocket results of attracting, influencing, and retaining customers.

 *Bridge the gap between marketers and data scientists in a way that simplifies and encourages productive collaboration.

 *Position your organization to continuously learn more about its customers and potential buyers and use that knowledge to serve them better Artificial Intelligence for Marketing puts the future of the industry at your fingertips.

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