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PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & HTML5 All-In-One For Dummies PDF Book

Book Name: PHP, MySQL, Javascript & HTML5 ALL-IN_ONE for DUMMIES

Book Writer: Steve Suehring And Janet Valade

Category of the Book: Webdesign(PHP / MySQL / JQuery / HTML)

Book Language: English

Pages: 724

Size: 13.86 MB

Download Link Source: Mediafire

Download Link: Click here

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Hello guys if you are students of Webdesign or beginner to learn of Webdesign from home then this book will very helpful for you. With the help of the book, you can create a dynamic website that works with the MySQL database. You will learn about programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, Javascript and HTML5 all in one book. PHP and MySQL will help you to create superb e-commerce sites and content management and Javascript and HTML5 will help you to create the most current multimedia effects. This book is free to download and provide a robust, easy-to-learn and open source solutions handy book cover web technologies, HTMPL5 and CSS3, PHP Programming, MySQL database, JavaScript, PHP with templates, and web application. Download the book and share also through social media by clicking the share button below. Thank you.

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