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Are you looking for Bangla Lalon Samagra Bangla PDF Book, if yes then here is the right place for you. As here at this post,  you will find and can download  Lalon Samagra(লালন সমগ্র) Bangla PDF Book by Lalon Fakir.

Book Name: Lalon Samagra(লালন সমগ্র)

Author: Lalon Shah

Book language: Bengali

Format: PDF

Download Link: Below

About Lalon Fakir
Also known as Lalon, Lalon Shah, Lalon Shah, Lalon Fakir or Mahatma Lalon (C 1772 - 17 October 1890; Bengali: 1 Kartik, 1179) was a famous Bengali philosopher, Baul Zen, mystery, songwriter, social reformer and thinker Icon considered, Lalon Sahib Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam and Allen Ginsberg, inspired and influenced many poets, social, and religious thinkers , Although he "denied all discrimination in the race and religion". Widely celebrated as an analogy of religious tolerance, he is accused of heresy during his lifetime and after his death. Lending in his songs dreams of a society where all religions and beliefs are united. About two kilometers (1.2 miles) from Kushtia railway station, established the institute named Lalon Akra. His disciples mostly live in Bangladesh and West Bengal. On the occasion of his death anniversary, thousands of disciples and devotees gathered in Lalon Akhara and paid tribute to the departed teacher through the opening and discussion of his songs and philosophies for three days. In the year 2004, the number of Lalan 12 is the greatest of all Bengali BBC's survey.

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