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Download Wordpress Guide Ebook PDF by Harsh Agarwal is the open source CMS to start blogging. If you want to be a serious blogger, then I recommend you to use this platform. There are many features, themes, and plugin in the If you are a beginner to start a blogging career then this book-  Wordpress Guide Ebook PDF by Harsh Agarwal will be helpful for you. The book is free to download.

Book Name: The Ultimate WordPress Guide by Harsh Agrawal 

Format: Pdf 

Size: 2.59 MB 

Book Page: 52

Language: English

Category: Wordpress

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About the Writer:
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Harsh Agarwal is one of the award winner bloggers of India and his monthly income more than 30 lakhs from his blog (

The best day of his life was for him when he got his entrepreneurship award from his university. Today 6 more people work with them and some people are associated with them as Guest Writer. His only motive is to inspire people and get rid of the job of 9 to 6 and work as their own boss.

He started blogging with zero investment exactly 8 years ago, firstly he did not even know that money can be made from online blogging. He had the passion to write and to share their technical knowledge with others. First, he started his blogging on and after started with He has now vast knowledge on Now He is known as blogger scientist.

Harsh writes his blog on  "Earn money online, Affiliate marketing, Wordpress, Latest Technology. The domain of shoutmeloud was purchased on December 1, 2008, which he used to buy his friend credit card. He did not buy his money because at that time he did not have much money. Harsh had done engineering in 2008 from Sharada University and then applied for the job, but till then his job was not properly found.

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