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What is Digilocker? Benefits of Digilocker Service for Indian Citizens

What is 'Digilocker'? 
Benefits of Digilocker Service for Indian Citizens.
Digilocker is one of the best ''Digital Locker'' system operated by the government. It is the best service or way of keeping documents secure through online. The service is free, secure, flexible and easy to use which enables Indian citizen to store some official documents in the cloud. The service is aimed towards reducing the need to carry physical documents. It is one of the best parts of the government India initiative.

Citizens can save any type of document through this digital locker system. That means it can easily be saved, PAN card, passport, marksheet or any type of degree certificate. This locker will work only on the basis of the number of citizen's credentials. That is, Aadhaar card number is the only key to opening this digital locker. At the same time, the government has been informed that one virtual citizen is being created for a virtual space. Citizens keep their documents in this space securely. We can use it on our smartphone, computer, windows phone or iPhone.
How will 'Digilocker' service work?
• First, you need to download the 'Digilocker' mobile app. After that, you have to sign in and give the mobile number and Aadhaar number. You can also add it to your Google or Facebook account. After registration, start uploading to the 'My certificate' section.
• Choose the document type from the drop-down list.
Give your document a specific name.
• Write a brief description of what the document is holding before uploading.
• Choose the document from your machine. File size is not more than 1 MB. Document format must be pdf, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp or gif.
• Write about the document within 50 characters that you uploaded.
• Click the upload button.

Benefits of Digilocker:
You can upload all your important documents and save online. Digital locker services are attached to your unique Aadhaar number.
Reduce the use of physical documents.
You can share your documents online with a registered requesting department or organization.
You can access your documents at any time and anywhere.
It is proven 1 GB personal Store space.
Allow any e-sign of a document and their Access electronically.
Digital signatures can be done online.
Confirm access and confidentiality of dependent residents.
You can download eAadhar from the DigalLocker website.
You can access or use the requested listings, which have recovered the list of your documents and issuers that have issued e-documents to you.
Suppose a police want to see your documents on the street. If you tell him your mobile number, he will verify the authenticity of your vehicle through this mobile app.
DigiLocker Website- www.digilocker.gov.in

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