Rapidex English Speaking Course in Bengali

Hey dear guys, learn spoken English in Bengali very easily. Spoken English Combo Pack (Spoken English + Rapidex English Speaking Course): How To Convey Your Ideas In English At Home, Market and Business for Bengali Speakers (Bengali).

Learning spoken English is very important for us if we are students and also looking for public and government job. Hope this book meets your needs.
Book Name: Rapidex English Speaking Course

Publishers: by VS Editorial Board (Author)

Available on: Amazon 

Details of the Book:

A combo pack for Bangala speakers who are interested to pick up correct ways to speak English. The pack contains two books: Rapidex English Speaking course for Bangala speakers and Spoken English for Bangala speakers. The books use a sentence in Bangala and immediately translate the same in English for ease of understanding. Both books use conversational everyday language that an average person uses at shops, banks, hospitals, groceries, stations, bus stands, schools and colleges and at other possible situations. Using these two books, a reader will be able to talk easily in English at all places and gatherings.

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