Science Books for Class 10 for 2020 Exam(Combo Pack) by Lakhmir Sing and Manjit Kaur

 Science Books  for Class 10 for 2020 Exam(Combo Pack) by Lakhmir Sing and Manjit Kaur

This combo pack of three books – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will unquestionably be of incredible help for the understudies, who will show up for their Class 10 examinations. This science reading material spread the subjects as per the NCERT schedule delineated by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The updated release is very reasonable with the goal that one think that it's simple and fascinating to peruse. To make the learning simpler for the competitors, headings, subheadings, and definitions have been featured. Indeed, even outlines and pictures with delineations are accommodated different procedures, systems, and standards to assist the competitors with having a superior comprehension.

Points Covered in this Textbook

• Electricity

• Magnetic Effect Of Electrical Current

• Sources Of Energy

• Reflection Of Light

• Refraction Of Light

• The Human Eye And the Colorful World

Notable Features

• Includes short inquiries, fill in the spaces and genuine false.

• Consists of both short and long inquiries.

• The course readings have numerous decision questions (MCQ) in view of the speculations talked about.

• Covers inquiries as per the high request thinking aptitudes.

• Includes NCERT book practices that have the two inquiries and answers.

• Value-based inquiries with answers are additionally given in the course books.

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