CBSE NCERT Solutions | Mathematics for Class 10 (2018 - 19) |

CBSE NCERT Solutions | Mathematics for Class 10  (2018 - 19) |

by Amit Rastogi (Author), Sanjeev Jain (Author)
About the Book:

The book is meant to provide a comprehensive manual to all students of class X studying in any school that follows standard text book set by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The book contains detailed solutions to the text book problems with detailed explanation and comes with carefully designed exam oriented and exam ready content.

The book covers solutions to Real Numbers, Linear, Equation, Trigonometry, Statistics, Quadratic Equations, Arithmetic Progressions, Circles, Probability, and Coordinate Geometry with some miscellaneous topics. The book is recommended for both school level mathematic teachers and students. Competitive exam aspirants would also find it highly useful for their preparations as it covers standard mathematical concepts and problems with solutions for the students to self-assess their abilities.

The book is authored by Amit Rastogi and Sanjeev Jain, both Indian academicians with extensive experience in teaching school level mathematics, and was published by Arihant. The authors adopted new approach and style the way content was presented. They made it easily understandable with up to date content including latest additions.

About the Author:

An experienced team of authors, editors, proof readers and teachers join together to bring out comprehensive guides for various public examinations for Government posts. Backed with an experience of 15 years, Arihant Experts bring out with revised editions of carefully designed exam-oriented and exam-ready contents after intensive research and analysis.

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