How to Do Everything with YouTube

How to Do Everything with YouTube

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How to Do Everything with YouTube
Pages: 208
Format: PDF
Size: 6.1MB

Through this ebook you can learn: How to shoot and edit videos, insert titles and captions, add special effects, and upload content to YouTube. You will learn how to set up a YouTube channel and integrate YouTube videos into your website and blog. You will also learn the secrets to success behind YouTube celebrities and breakout videos. Learn to share your unique video activity with millions of viewers with this copy-following guide.

* Navigate the YouTube interface, play video and set up an account
* Shoot professional quality videos with camcorders, webcams or camera phones
* The lighting is perfect and add sound and special effects
* Make a short film, do a vlog or video massage
* Edit your video with Windows Movie Maker, iMovie and Remixer
* Attach audio track with AudioSwap
* Customize your videos and upload them to YouTube
* Join the YouTube community, create playlists, subscribe to channels and participate in groups
* Customize your YouTube channel

* Get viral your videos to large people.

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